Bernesa S.R.L. was born on First September of 1953 as a result of the creative action of an inmigrant German young, Rolf Stelzner, who was an expert on the concepts of manufacture of hung beef in his country of origin, began a patient and constant work to modify part of the industrial culture of processed cold meat.

Rolf Stelzner was surrounded of german technicians with identical knowledge of nutritious production. Furthermore, he incorporated argentine collaborators who were formed and instructed in the drawing direction. The society contract of the beginning of the activities was celebrated between: Erwing Guillermo Berner, Rolf Stelzner (both Germans) y Ramón Mänhe (Argentine).According to this document: "(...) The Society will have its address in 218 Bolivar St, Capital Federal (...) and the share capital sets in the amount of m$n 51.000 (...)".

Thus, Rolf Stelzner, built an advanced management force in the production and distribution of the lines of charges and additives for the meat industry.

Today, Bernesa S.A.C.I. (continuing of Bernesa S.R.L.) arrives at the 50 years of life in constant growth in the industry.