Bernesa S.R.L. had its primitive office, according to the contract of the society, in Bolivar St 218 Capital Federal; although the document clarifies that this address is without detriment to change it later and to establish branches in Argentina or abroad.

Old structure of the industrial factory in Lomas de zamora

Fragmento del Boletín oficial
(nótese remarcado la dirección inicial de Bernesa)

In its early stages set up in business with "Lanús Cold Storage Plant" that gave at Bernesa´s disposal a premise in Sitio de Montevideo St. 1502, Lanús. Until february 28, 1954.
Later, Bernesa, moves to its present site in Lomas de Zamora, Castelli St. 1761/69. Since then the company was building modern facilities for a better operation of its industrial plant.

store of Bernesa. In front of this, it is the plant
in Castelli 1761/69, Lomas de Zamora.
Castelli St. 1761/69, Lomas de Zamora, December 1954