Frozen Liquid Bioprotective Culture. Producto CGM - 3 - B

COMPOSITION: Lactococcus lactis.
SENASA File Nº 13.863/02


It makes possible the temperature of the massage process with the consequent reduction of the used time, saving of energy and the obtaining of a correct union of the soluble proteins.
Reduction of the bacterial contamination before and later of selfnailed process. Better conditions of flavour in the obtained product. Greater security in the maintenance of the organoleptic characteristics during the different stages of its marketing.


In cooked hams, sausages viena type, fresh pork sausages, salami type sausages, braun and meat slices.

Bacterial conserver is used during the stage of massage process of the pieces and its respective standing in order to extract soluble proteins which carried out to greater temperature in smaller time obtains a correct union. The reference product inhibits the undesirable polluting flora that is presented previous to the selfnailed process.

Pieces once moulded are put under cooking.
This thermal treatment produces the death of lactococcus lactis, and in case of detecting this viable bacterium later, it would be indicating defects in the manufacture process. On the other hand, the conserver activity continues due to the presence of thermostable bacteriocinnasmas that help in the better conservation of the manufactured products to the recommendable temperatures.

Also, for the case of fresh processed cold meats, the presence of bacterial conserver helps in the better conservation of those products during its useful life period directly by the presence of latococo that competes with the undesirable flora as also the organic acids and produced bacteriocinnas.

Furthermore, it is obtained a greater security in the maintenance of organoleptic characteristics during the different stages of its marketing also improving flavour conditions in the desired product.

1 pot for 200 Kg. and 1000 Kg. of product.

Dissolve the content of the package in 500 ml. of cold drinking water (not to use hot water) incorporating it directly when the massage of the pieces is initiated in the respective drum (for products in those the massage process takes place) and in the mixer of pasta, for cured processed cold meats previous to stuff them.

CONSERVATION: To – 18ºC during 6 months and to – 5ºC to –15ºC during 10 days.

PRESENTATION: Package containing 50ml. and 100 ml. of frozen liquid.