Starters and Conservers

Inoculation with microorganisms orientated towards certain aims in the manufacture of meat products has obtained benefits in the conservation and final quality of food.

Starters and conservers are defined as individual or mixed cultures of species of microorganisms selected by its enzymatic activity, those are added in defined proportion and produce the desired transformation of the substratum.

In this way, different isolated species produce the desired transformations in processed cold meats and hams.

Conservation, is essential due to the changes that have been produced today in the manufacture of meat products with regard to type, variations and size.

Furthermore, the quality of this food has been modified as well as the consumers habits have changed along with the commercial aspect that has turned and it must deeply be considered in order to compete strongly with success in local and international markets.

That’s why, these products that we are presenting:
Starters and conservers (created under biotechnological norms of last generation) contribute faithfully for manufacturers come near to the profitable ideal that the competitive market demands it

See an example
Bacterial Starter
Bioprotective Culture