For Bernesa S.A.C.I. publicity is a valuable tool to be always to the vanguard and to promote the products, that have been made and guaranteed for 50 years.
Revising the file of the Company we found the first leaflets that emphasized the properties of "Embutin" and gave the essential characteristics of the additive.

First leaflet of Bernesa promoting "Embutin"

To create leaflets and graphic advertising have always been part of the used policy.
Bernesa has publicized in the most outstanding magazines of the meat corporation like:"Ganados & Carnes" (Magazine of the refrigerating industry of the corporation of the Argentine meat industry) and "Enfasis alimentación" (Publication of the FLC Argentina)

Magazine "Enfasis Alimentación", Number 1, February-March 2002, section "lasted food news" page 12.